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About Amorette

Founded in 2013 by its Owner and Principal Designer, Jacqueline Mengi Amorette is a Tanzanian based company that provides a comprehensive range of interior design services for commercial and residential projects. We also design and manufacture high end quality made-to-order furniture, furnishings, designer fabrics, lighting, decor, outdoor and garden furniture and rugs all under the ‘MOLOCAHO by Amorette’ brand.

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Molacaho meaning

Exquisite lifestyle.Tanzania is blessed with breathtaking mountains,forests, lakes, wildlife and rare fauna and flora. It is this natural beauty that inspires Amorette.

Amorette luxury

Amorette is an exclusive luxury brand which offers furniture, textiles, lighting, decor, outdoor, garden furniture and rugs made to suit our clients’ needs and lifestyles.From the simplest artwork to the most complicated designs, MOLACAHO products express timeless elegance for high end lifestyles.





Jacqueline is the driving force behind Amorette. She has immense passion for interior and furniture design, fine art and fashion.For years she has been creatively merging disparate styles, colors and patterns into beautiful cohesive living environments. She embodies the philosophy of recognizing the unique needs, tastes and personality of her clients and will settle for nothing less than the finest and most attractive finishings to match their taste and needs.

Jacqueline is also a devoted campaigner for wildlife and an ambassador for Wildaid which is campaigning against poaching of elephants and other wildlife.


Dar es salaam

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can i buy amorette furniture?

Amorette Furniture can be bought from our outlet store in Dar es salaam. Soon we will introduce and online shop for international customers which will include delivery

Can the company deliver outside Tanzania?

No. Amorette furniture we don't do deliveries

How much will i be charged for delivery?

Amorette furniture we don't do deliveries

Can i pay online?

At the moment we do not accept online payments. But once our online store is up we will gladly accept.

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